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FOP Vadym Shvachko™ offers works and services at the following fields:

Information technologies

  • Complex automation of industrial and research machinery.
  • Doing of the wide range of the Software projects with using of C / C++, Scripting and Markup languages, Assembler.
  • Creation of the specialized Computer-Aided applications (CAx).
  • Software project management.
  • Supplement of information storehouses, support of work of profile databases.
  • Web development.



  • Making the projects at area of Mechanical engineering.
  • Conduct of the consultations about using of the CAx applications.
  • Creation of the engineering documentation.
  • Preparing of the examination methods and testing of wares.
  • Activity in Patenting and Certification of the production.


Scientific researches and developments

  • Doing of the theoretical and experimental works at area of Robotics.
  • Drawing up of the reviews of the scientific-technical literature.
  • Selection of information about actual issues.
  • Modeling of various systems and processes.
  • Preparing of the scientific papers.


Consulting about Economic activity and Management

  • Conduct of the consultations about legislative and management issues in Ukraine.
  • Drawing up of the reviews of legislative base concerning foundation and management of economic activity of the subjects of Ukrainian business.
  • Preparing of the complex templates of the official documentation for doing of the activity with Ukrainian business persons.
  • Organisation, support and development of subsidiary company in Ukraine.
  • Human resource management.