Harvest Automation HV-100

The Harvest Automation HV-100 (it is nicknamed “Harvey”) is a plant container moving robot capable of handling all of the plant spacing, consolidation and collection needs in a Nursery or Greenhouse operation.[1][2][3][4] This robot was designed by the American company Harvest Automation, Inc. (it is a robotics startup founded by several former iRobot employees).[5]

Harvest Automation HV-100
Harvest Automation HV-100.   [2]

HV-100 is targeted at the floriculture industry and is designed to move potted plants on nursery container farms, an application currently done by hand. The plants are first planted in containers (pots) that are then evenly spaced on large fields. As the plants grow they are spaced further apart to give each plant more room to spread out. Later, as the plants are sold, leaving holes in the spaced pattern, they are consolidated into a tighter area.[5]

The mobile robots that do this task are completely autonomous and able to figure out where the plants are and where they should be moved to. They carry one plant at a time, less than the 2 or 4 that humans carry, but the robots don’t need to take breaks. The robots are also designed to be safe around humans, which allows a human laborer to be on the field with the robots to help them do their job.[5]

HV-100 Specification : [2]     
Operating Temperature    0 – 41°C
Light Levels    Full sun to full dark
Dirt / Moisture / Dust    All typical conditions including rain / sprinklers
Weight (without payload)    41 kg
Battery Run Time    4 hrs
Battery Charging time    8 hr and 3 hr options
Peak Throughput (under nominal conditions)    200 moves per hour
Maximum Payload Weight    10 kg
Dimensions    610 mm wide x 534 mm tall
I/O data capability    Serial, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Tasks    Spacing, Collection, Consolidation, Follow Me
Container Types    All common materials and shapes

Flexible to deploy on open beds, hoop houses and greenhouses, the HV-100 can handle any type of plant on all common ground surfaces including concrete, ground cloth, poly, and gravel. HV-100 all-weather robots provide consistent spacing accuracy no matter how long the day is, without breaks, allowing growers to get quality work done whenever they need it.[4]



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