60s-Era Robot of NASA at auction

The “Power Driven Articulated Dummy” was designed by the IIT Research Institute for NASA to testing the space suits at first half of 1960s.

The testing conducted in the 1960s on a NASA Android
The testing conducted in the 1960s on a NASA Android.   [3]

The hydraulically powered life-size robot with weight of 104.326 kg (230 pounds) was controlled by the operator from a separate console. Android was covered with a 0.7937-mm (1/32-inch) thick aluminum skin and had the removable head made from fiberglass. Robot was able to simulate the 35 basic motions of human and was equipped by sensors.


Only two items of these robots were produced. Now one from them is exhibitted at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the other is placed on RR Auction with start cost of $80,000.



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