iRobot ”Roomba” Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot Corporation (USA). This robot is able to navigate a living space and common obstacles while vacuuming the floor. New models of Roomba also are able to optimize cleaning.[1]

All Roomba models are disc-shaped, 34 cm in diameter and less than 9 cm high. A large contact-sensing mechanical bumper is mounted on the front half of the unit, with an omnidirectional infrared sensor at its top front center.[1]

iRobot Roomba Discovery
Roomba Discovery.   [3] 1

The Roomba features a set of basic sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs, changing its direction when it bumps into an obstacle, and allowing detection of exceptionally dirty spots on the floor. It has two motorized wheels that can operate independently from each other. The Roomba uses the wheels to move forward and turn around its own axis to go in another direction.[1]

The Roomba was introduced in 2002. As of February 2011, iRobot claims that over 6 million units have been sold. Part of the success of the Roomba is that it can be easily adapted to perform other robotic tasks when extended with an embedded computer connected to the Roomba Open Interface.[1]



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