”Mondo Spider” walking machine

Mondo Spider is a ridable mechanical eight-legged walking machine. It was designed and built in 2005 and 2006 by team, based in Vancouver (Canada): Leigh Christie, Jonathan Tippett, Charlie Brison, Alex Mossman, Dillard Brinson, Sam Meyer and Ryan Johnston. Also team consisted of a range of volunteers-helpers.[1][2]

Mondo Spider walking machine
Mondo Spider walking machine.   [3] 1

The Mondo Spider does the walking motion utilizing the Klann Linkage. The Klann Linkage is a planar mechanism was developed by Joe Klann in 1994 and designed to simulate the gait of legged animal and function as a wheel replacement.[5]

Klann Linkage
Klann Linkage.   [7] 2

The first power source of Mondo Spider was a Honda V-twin engine and a system of hydraulic pumps and motors, which was upgraded in January 2010 as part of the Mondo Spider ‘0 Emissions’ program.[2]

The vehicle has a carrying capacity of one person and a maximum speed of around 1.2 m/s. Its weight is 730 kg, length – 2.4 m, width – 2.4 m, height – 1.5 m, gross power – 18 kW, maximum range – 14 km.[1][2]

Now Mondo Spider affiliated with the Vancouver-based charity eatART foundation. It has fascinated and continues to delight the spectators of the Burning Man festival, Vancouver Art Gallery and numerous television appearances.[2]



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