X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

Boeing X-37B, the Orbital Test Vehicle (X-37B OTV), is an American unmanned robotic vertical-takeoff (with using of rocket), horizontal-landing spaceplane.[1]

Boeing X-37B
Boeing X-37B in fairing.    [2]1

This spaceplane is designed to operate at altitudes of 200-750 km, it is able to quickly change the orbits, make evolutions, also it can perform the reconnaissance missions and deliver a small cargo to (from) space.[8]

General characteristics : [3] [8]

Length 8.9 m
Wingspan 4.5 m
Height 2.9 m
Loaded weight    4990 kg
Payload weight    900 kg
Powerplant 1 x Aerojet storable liquid propellant rocket engine (hydrazine)
Power Gallium arsenide solar cells with lithium-ion batteries
Payload bay 2.1 x 1.2 m
Orbital speed 28044 km/h

The X-37 began as a NASA project in 1999, before being transferred to the U.S. Department of Defense in 2004. It conducted its first flight as a drop test on 7 April 2006, at Edwards Air Force Base, California.[3]

Boeing_X-37B.   [4]1

The spaceplane’s first orbital mission (USA-212) was launched on 22 April 2010 using an Atlas V rocket. X-37 successful return to Earth on 3 December 2010. A second X-37 was launched on 5 March 2011 (USA-226 mission) and returned to Earth on 16 June 2012.[3]



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