EMI Robotug

Robotug is a mobile automatic transport truck (TT), created by British multinational company EMI. This device is able to carry a cargo directly or a set of the trolleys.[1]

EMI Robotug
Robotug transport truck with the automatic course stabilization: 1 – brake coil; 2 – transistorized device of control; 3 – handle braking; 4 – drive; 5 – warning lamp; 6 – traffic safety device; 7 – buffer shield; 8 – drive of the control unit; 9 – panel of programming; 10 – battery.   [1]

In automatic mode, TT is controlled the electromagnetic field formed by a conductor of AC. Conductor is placed along the route of movement on the floor. Also there is ability of a manual control by driver (in this case, block of the route’s automatic following will be unplugged).[1]

Specification: [1]     
Payload of truck, t    1
Mass of the towing cargo, t    9
Speed, km/h    3.2
Number of stops on route    90
Power from the batteries:     
   capacity, A/h    658
   voltage, V    24
Power of the electric traffic motor on route, W    1693
Overall dimensions, mm    2175 x 914 x 692

The simplest trajectory of the TT is a closed one-way loop. Multi-path system can contain the intersection points, branches, detours and dead ends. Routes and destination points should be selected in advance by using the switches of on-board device of programming. In case of work according to multi-path system, the whole path will be divided into separate sections. Each section is managed by its external control device. The central computer coordinates the work of the external control devices. A possibility of the simultaneous presence of two TTs within one section is excluded.[1]



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