”Guardium” UGV

The Guardium is an Israeli military Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), created by G-NIUS, an joint venture company, established by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Elbit Systems.[1-9]

Guardium MK I
Guardium MK I.   [10] 1

This UGV is initially based on a four-wheeled buggy, providing the increased throughput on rough terrain.[8] It can be equipped by the heavy and standard fuels’ engines. The endurance is 24 hours and up to days of continuous operation.[2-7]

Vehicle Specification: [2-7]

Model    Guardium MK I    Guardium MK II    Guardium MK III
Type    Semi-autonomous unmanned ground system    Versatile – multi purpose autonomous unmanned vehicle    Fully-autonomous unmanned ground vehicle for complex combat missions
Height, m    2.2    2.2    2.2
Width, m    1.8    1.8    2
Length, m    2.95    3.42    5
Weight, kg    1,400    1,200    3,000
Payload, kg       400    2,000
Max speed (in semi – autonomous mode), kph    50    50    120

The Guardium UGV was entered to service for the Israel Defense Forces at the beginning of 2009.[8] This robot is used for patrolling, escorting convoys, reconnaissance and protection, etc. The Guardium UGV can guard areas and attack any trespassers using lethal or less-lethal weaponry.[9]



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