Exosuit ADS

Exosuit atmospheric diving system (ADS) is hard metal dive suit allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 300 meters and yet still have exceptional dexterity and flexibility to perform delicate work. This system was developed and built by Nuytco Research Ltd in North Vancouver (Canada).[1-4]

Exosuit ADS
Exosuit ADS.   [2]

The technology of the Exosuit ADS maintains a cabin pressure of the surface and still allows the suit to bend due to a unique rotary joint invented by Dr. Phil Nuytten.[1-4] This invention pertains to a novel rotary joint which seeks to equalize exterior-interior pressure. This rotary joint is useful in permitting free rotary motion between two components connected by the joint in conditions where unequal pressures exist at the interior and exterior of the joint.[5]

The developing of a new type ultra lightweight powered exoskeleton called the Exosuit was announced by Phil Nuytten in 2000. It is being considered for use as a submarine escape device by the Canadian Department of Defense.[11] The previous version of a “submarine you can wear”, “Newtsuit” exoskeleton, was developed in 1987 and became a standard equipment in many of the world’s navies.[14]

Exosuit ADS Specifications : [2]

General    Hull: A536 Aluminum Alloy;
Weight: 227-272 kg depending on configuration
Life support    2 Redundant oxygen systems (total capacity 50 hours)
Propulsion    4 x 1.6 HP thrusters (expandable to 8)
Telemetry/Control System    Distributed control system (Omron PLC) allows for uninterrupted operation in case of telemetry failure;
Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber optic;
Remote (topside) control of: thrusters, thruster trim, lights and tooling;
Atmospheric Monitoring System
Communication    Full duplex intercom – over copper;
IP intercom out;
Acoustic thru water communications
Ancillary Equipment    HD camera, H.264 (Blu-Ray Codec) camera;
2 x 150 W LED lights

Exosuit is newest generation of the ultra lightweight powered exoskeleton. It is allowing the diver to work at normal atmospheric pressure even at big depths. This ADS has fully articulated joints so the diver can move more easily underwater. Exosuit can be used for wide range of underwater work on ocean pipelines, drilling rigs, rescue and scientific missions, HD photography etc.



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