”Sokil-2” UAV

“Sokіl-2” – Ukrainian unmanned reconnaissance aircraft (UAV), which is a joint development of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU “KPI”) and the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” (DP DerzhKKB “Luch”). In the typical variant, the payload of “Sokіl-2” UAV consists of a television camera and communication system for image transmission and receiving the commands from ground control.[1-5][36]

Sokil-2 UAV
Sokil-2 UAV.   [10-12]

“Sokіl-2” UAV was first presented at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) in 2011.[4][5][36]

Sokіl-2 UAV at IDEX-2011
Sokіl-2 UAV at IDEX-2011.   [36]

“Sokіl-2” UAV runs like a rocket from the transport and launch container of tubular type, which is mounted on armored vehicles – the armored personnel carrier (APC) or the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). The container with UAV is located on the site of attachment of the antitank guided missile (ATGM). After shooting from container, the wings and tail spread, the electric engine starts the work.[4][5][36]

The transport and launch container of Sokil-2 UAV
The transport and launch container of Sokil-2 UAV.   [10-12]

UAV’s design provides the flight according to the given program with using the data from Global Positioning System (GPS). If necessary, the flight may be performed in manual mode on operator commands. Laser designator is not installed, GPS is used for targeting. The operator monitors the terrain from armored vehicle through a television camera mounted in the nose of the UAV, and can give a command to apply ATGM in case of detection of target.[4][5][36]

Operation scheme of Sokіl-2 UAV
Operation scheme of Sokіl-2 UAV.   [10]

Specifications of “Sokіl-2” : [1-5][10-12] 

Flight range UAV, km    20
Flight time, h    1.5 – 2
Control mode    remote, programmed with GPS
Propulsion device    electric engine
Cruising speed, km/h    100 – 120
Launch type    from transport and launching container
UAV mass, kg    5.0
Payload mass, kg    1.0
Transport and launching container dimensions, mm:     
   – length    1390
   – diameter    160

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of multiple using “Sokіl-2” with the container launch is intended for reconnaissance in real time with the possibility of video information storage and viewing, targets positioning and the possibility to transmit information to the command post. UAV is a part of the reconnaissance system that is mounted on a combat vehicle of IFV or APC type.[1-3]



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